4/1/21 Installation Concept Approved:
Can't wait to get painting and cutting this one. It's so good to have patrons who will take a leap of faith with you!
Making murals with my students will always be what I love most about teaching. These are from 2017 at Oakland High School. The picture on the left was a collaboration between some students and I around the theme of 'Creativity'. The other project was an installation as a competition between my class and the other Senior class. I don't think I laid a hand on that piece but was so happy to be able to lead the 20 students on a fantastic collaboration that they all bought into. 
Installation proposals 3/23
I was just remembering the other day when I had the pleasure of co teaching an Intersession project with juniors at Oakland High School back in 2017. It was a student led project where students identified a need, raised funds, bought supplies, made all the plans to give a Salvation Army transitional home a 'makeover'. I was just there to facilitate and help out where needed. Always incredible to see young people's potential and passion in action.
Recently I have been exploring a way of working that I have wanted to pursue for a long time, creating 2D pieces that are 3D, stacking cut outs on top of each other. 
The Black Lives Matter protests of the summer of 2020 left me feeling very conflicted. I desperately wanted to be with the people and show my support of the cause but my fear of the raging Corona Virus hamstrung my ability to participate. 
I dedicate this piece to the brave people of Phoenix and the rest of the world, who went out and spoke up regardless of personal risk. 
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